Beginner Tumble

Ages: 5 and up

Description: Beginner Tumbling introduces students to tumbling and teaches the basic skills from forward and backward rolls up to backbends

Skills include: rolls, cartwheels, backbends

Advanced Beginner Tumble

Ages: 6 and up

Description: Advanced Beginner tumble builds on the skills learned in Beginner tumble skills from dive rolls to backbend kick overs

Skills include: round offs, backbend kick overs, hurdles, one-hand cartwheels

Intermediate Tumble

Ages: 6 and up

Description: Intermediate tumbling helps students perfect back handsprings and introduces students to more difficult skills such as multiple back handsprings, aerials, and back tucks

Skills include: back handsprings, aerials, back tucks

Advanced Tumble

Ages: 6 and up

Description: Advanced tumbling teaches the most difficult tumbling skills such as layouts and full-twisting layouts

Skills include: back layouts, fulls

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