Boys Recreational Gymnastics (ages 6 and up)

We emphasize a gymnastics program with quality instruction in a non-competitive environment. Boy’s gymnastics is a great way to develop and maintain flexibility, and to gain self-confidence while creating goals. Boy’s gymnastics classes utilize all apparatus, including: parallel bars, vault, floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, and high bar. 



Boys Level 1: If you are new to the sport, then this class is for you. We will provide an opportunity for the boys to experiment with and learn many body positions, elemental fitness movements, and progressions to foundational skills for boys’ gymnastics on all apparatus. In order to graduate, boys must demonstrate all appropriate essential elements in the level 1 category.


Boys Level 2- Boys level 2 is for those who have completed our boys level 1 program, OR can directly test out of the level 1 curriculum. We will take all of the skills and positions learned in level 1, and add on to them. The added challenge to the boys will allow them to transition from a novice to a beginner gymnast. In order to graduate, boys must demonstrate all appropriate essential elements in level 2 category.


Boys Level 3- Boys level three is the start of the transition from recreational programs to our structured team program. However, students may choose to remain on the non-competitive side. Within our level 3 class, we will be developing routines which will consist of all of the skills learned in our level 1 & 2 classes. Learning the mental aspects that it takes to put routines together can be the more difficult process, so be ready for a challenge! In order to graduate, boys must demonstrate level 3 routines on all 6 events.

Advanced Boys- Are you interested in furthering your gymnastics career without transitioning over to our team program? Well this class is for you! We will take level 3 athletes and provide them the opportunity to continue to grow in their skill sets as far as their abilities will allow.

Boys Pre-team- Pre-team is for those who have an interest in transitioning onto our team. Since our boys competitive team starts at level 4, this pre-team class will allow them the opportunity to transition from level 3 to level 4. During this specific class the boys will be exposed to a different class structure. The format will follow that of our competitive teams practices: longer class time, harder skills and more conditioning. Lets see who has what it takes to be on our competitive team! In order to graduate, boys must demonstrate level 4 routines on all 6 events. .

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